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Synecdoche by Sneha Subramanian Kanta, listed by Longleaf review on their June "Recommended Reading" list.

The Anatomy of Desire; an anthology to be released this winter, with the profits supporting charity.

Kanika Lawton featured in God is in the TV zine in Poetry Spotlight #19, along with three previously published poems.

how to submit

submissions for chapbook manuscripts are not currently open

At The Poetry Annals, we're not looking for any particular styles or forms, but we do encourage poets from marginalised backgrounds — whether that be because of race, socio-economic class, gender, sexuality or otherwise — to submit their work. We will not tolerate submissions of poetry that is in any way discriminatory or offensive, and we reserve the right to reject and blacklist such authors.

general guidelines

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please mention it in your email & let us know if your poetry is accepted elsewhere promptly.

If, after your work is accepted, the poems are published elsewhere, please list us as the place of first publication.

You retain all rights to your work, except those regarding non-exclusive publication on our website & through Payhip. Read more about electronic rights here.

Works should be primarily in English.

At most, 2 of the poems submitted in the collection can have been (or set to be) published elsewhere, including on personal blogs. None of the poems can have appeared in a previous book or chapbook.

You must possess, or have regained, all rights to any poems submitted.

Both collaborative poetry, and poetry with artwork are welcome.

We're unfortunately unable to pay contributors & its unlikely that this will change anytime in the near future. The Editor-in-Chief is a student with significantly more debt than money.

submission format

Please submit between 7 and 20 pages of poetry, containing at least 4 poems.

All poems should be titled, and the collection should have a title as well.

All poetry should be in one document as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file.

There should be only one poem on each page.

The first page should contain: the author's name, the title of the collection, a list of the poems in order of appearance, and the author bio. This does not count towards the overall page limit.

Please use a clear, readable font and a reasonable font size.

your submission email

The subject line should contain your name, and the title of your collection.

Please write a short message to go along with your submission. It doesn't have to be too serious; tell us about the weather where you live or a podcast that you like.

Please list which (if any) of your pieces have been published elsewhere, and where they have appeared.

Please send all submissions to

We try to get back to everyone as soon as possible, but for a variety of reasons, it often takes longer than we would like. If you haven't heard back from us within two months of submissions closing, please send a quick reminder to the Editor-in-Chief at

the anatomy of desire: an anthology of distance

submissions for the anthology are open until september 20th

From the vicious, to the clinical, to the confessional, The Anatomy of Desire calls for poems that cut from where the ache is still tender, and rend longing wide open. Pulling knives from the body to call them holy, crushing berries in fists like deliverance — we’re looking for words that ask hunger what it’s made of; works that spit blood on the floor every time they try to speak.

As usual, no poems of a discriminatory or offensive nature will be considered & we reserve the right to blacklist the authors of such works indefinitely.

Creative Non-Fiction

general guidelines

Simultaneous submissions are fine but please mention it in your email and let us know if your pieces is accepted elsewhere promptly.

Please submit only one piece of CNF, of no more than 3000 words.

Please attach your submission to your email in a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file.

Please follow the poetry submission guidelines for everything else.


general guidelines

Simultaneous submissions are fine, but please let us know if your poetry is accepted elsewhere promptly.

Works should be primarily in English.

None of the poems submitted can have been published elsewhere previously, including on private blogs.

You must possess, or have gained rights, to all poems submitted.

Collaborative poems are welcome.

We are unfortunately unable to pay contributors, but they will received a free PDF copy of the collection. All profits made from the sale of the anthology will be donated to the charity Save the Children. Find out more about the charity here.

submisssion format

Please submit no more than 3 poems for consideration, with a combined maximum of 10 pages used.

All poems should be titled.

No more than one poem per page.

Please send your poems in one file, as a .doc or .docx file.

Please use a clear, readable font, and a reasonable font size.

your submission email

In the body of the email, please write the titles of the poems submitted.

Include a short author bio,of no more than 100 words.

In the subject line, please write your name & indicate you’re submitting to the anthology in the format:

Anthology: [Your Name]

Please send all submissions to

If you haven’t heard back from us by the end of September, please send a quick reminder to the Editor-in-Chief at



SHEKINAH VERA-CRUZ is a twenty year-old poet, artist and historian living in the southeast of England. Winner of the 2015 Royal Holloway Art Writing competition, shortlisted for the 2016 Tower Poetry Prize, and for the 2017 Young Walter Scott Prize, they are on the editorial team for their college newspaper The Poor Print and have a poem published in the Platypus Press anthology A Portrait in Blues (2017).

An Ancient and Modern History (AMH) student at Oxford University, they like folding origami cranes and playing Monument Valley.


CHRISTIAN SAMMARTINO is the Editor-In-Chief of Rising Phoenix Review and the Managing Editor and Poetry Editor for L'Éphémère Review. He is currently studying Philosophy at West Chester University. His poetry is influenced by life in the Pennsylvania Rustbelt near his hometown of Coatesville.

His work has appeared in Words Dance Publishing, Voicemail Poems, Yellow Chair Review and others. Sammartino was a Resident Poet for Lehigh Valley Vanguard during the summer of 2015. His first chapbook, "Keystones", was released by Rising Phoenix Press in December 2014.


VENETTA OCTAVIA is a poet from Singapore who is currently an English Literature undergraduate. Her work has previously appeared in Wildness, the Rising Phoenix Review, the Dinner Table Review, the Mira Project and others.

She hopes to write more about race and gender issues in Southeast Asia. She is currently struggling through Fallout 4 and has two dogs, which have greatly contributed to her poetry and her self-published chapbooks. Her debut collection of poetry, "Prelude to Light", was published by Platypus Press in 2016.


VALERIE WU is a Chinese-American writer and activist currently attending Presentation High School in San Jose, California. She is deeply passionate about the intersection of ethnicity, migration, and human rights, and was the recipient of a National Gold Medal in the 2017 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards for her personal essay on race in America.

Her journalism has been featured by The Huffington Post, Los Angeles Times Insider, and We Are Three Dimensional.


The Anatomy of Desire: An Anthology of Distance

From the vicious, to the clinical, to the confessional, The Anatomy of Desire is filled with poems that cut from where the ache is still tender, and rend longing wide open. Pulling knives from the body to call them holy, crushing berries in fists like deliverance — it's an anthology of words that ask hunger what it’s made of; works that spit blood on the floor every time they try to speak.

read more

january &

Wildfire Heart
Kanika Lawton

a long walk
Terry Abrahams

march &

Sneha Subramanian Kanta

Before Vanishing
Jen Rouse

may &

to be female is to be interrogated
S. K. Grout

Kevin A. Risner

july &

Blind Horse Elegy
Zoë Brigley

These Are the Women We Write About
Kayla King


The Anatomy of Desire
An Anthology

the anatomy of desire: an anthology of distance

“this too, I think, is a symptom”

From the vicious, to the clinical, to the confessional, The Anatomy of Desire is filled with poems that cut from where the ache is still tender, and rend longing wide open. Pulling knives from the body to call them holy, crushing berries in fists like deliverance — it's an anthology of words that ask hunger what it’s made of; works that spit blood on the floor every time they try to speak.

Publisher — the poetry annals
Release date — December 28th, 2018
Pages — 88
Price — £2+ (EBOOK); £10 (PAPERBACK)
Format — ebook (pdf) and paperback


"Intricate and rich, these offerings demand to be reread and sung—in the unique voices of diverse realities they offer. The multiplicities in the narratives and voices are what makes the experience of reading each poem fascinating. Readers may expect to be left with a sense of bewilderment and intrigue after having read the anthology. The Anatomy of Desire is proof of what a small press may offer with its authenticity and diverse integration of voices."
Harshal Desai, Founding Editor @ Parentheses Journal

"The poems in The Anatomy of Desire share more than just their passionate theme; a sense of urgency, desperation, pervades the collection as poets attempt to articulate the impossible feeling of desire. The desperate struggle is ultimately a successful one, resulting in a diverse anthology which deconstructs tropes of love and reconstructs it on poets’ own terms, resulting in poetry which beautifully says the unsayable."
Martha O'Brien, poet @ the University of Cardiff

"The poems in this anthology offer a poignant and incisive look at the human condition. The multifaceted nature of the curated works have the gift of breaking and also possess the power of healing. The anthology is a mix of intercontinental voices drawn from the primary need for telling a story and leading the reader into their minds and bodies."
Michael Akuchie, Contributing Editor @ Barren Magazine

"Desire can be a fast-burning flame. In these poems, it is so much more: a wrestling match with grief, a lifelong bond with family, a fear, a humiliation, a question, a reverence, a revolution. The poets in this collection have taken private and sacred memories and turned them in their strong hands in the daylight for us."
Tucker Lieberman, author of "Painting Dragons" (2018)

"It takes a startling amount of bravery to let yourself bleed poetry onto the page in the way that the poets in The Anatomy of Desire have done. You feel their bitterness, pain, and longing vividly ... the thread that ties them together is raw emotion, and it’s necessary to pause whilst reading the anthology to fully absorb what can be difficult to read in some cases; often because we understand exactly what the poems mean, because we have lived them too."
Simone Fraser, poet @ the University of Oxford

"On one page, you'll be awash in the imagery and tactility of a scene, then on the next, you'll be entrenched in an intangible emotion. The Anatomy of Desire takes you from the open sky to a fire deep within the earth, yet basks in a grounded, painful reality. It takes you through time and space, through seasons, from childhood to adulthood, and into history and the future. ... This anthology balances trauma and pain with love, lust, and longing to craft a collection that will stay with you long after you've read its final page."
Juliette Sebock, author of "Mistakes Were Made" (2017) and Founding Editor of Nightingale & Sparrow


Manahil Bandukwala, Sherry Bollero, Amrita Chakraborty, Brittany Coppla, Wanda Deglane, Elizabeth Ruth Deyro, Logan February, Sean Glatch, S. K. Grout, Jason Harris, Rachana Hegde, Sneha Subramanian Kanta, S. A. Khanum, Amy Kinsman, Mateo Lara, Kanika Lawton, Allegra Lisa, Quinn Lui, Elisávet Makridis, Yves Olade, Rajani Radhakrishnan, Kevin A. Risner, stephanie roberts, Jen Rouse, Sage, Janelle Salanga, Saoirse, Marilyn Schotland, Mary Sims, Kwan-Ann Tan, Chandler Veilleux, Aaron White, Nicole A. Yurcaba

these are the women we write about by kayla king

“it’s all in how they remember”

Kayla King’s These Are the Women We Write About is both dreamlike and mythic. Drawing on the intricate stories of Greco-Roman mythology, her words trace the edges of the celestial and interrogate the boundaries between the known and unknown.

King writes with fluid and graceful language, crafting images both fragile and poignant. Her examination, through poetry, of the female narrative in myth is striking and beautiful in equal measure.

Publisher — the poetry annals
Release date — august 28th 2018
Pages — 19
Format — ebook (pdf) and paperback


Kayla King is a Buffalo-based writer of poetry and fiction with a tendency to drink too much coffee and dream too big. She is a graduate of Buffalo State College’s B.A. in Writing (2013), and the Mountainview MFA (2016).

Her work has been published by or is forthcoming from One For One Thousand, Germ Magazine, Five 2 One Magazine, Plath Poetry Project, Cat on a Leash Review, MockingHeart Review, Figroot Press, Souvenir Lit Journal, Dear Damsels, The Mystic Blue Review, Ink In Thirds Magazine, The Green Light, Firewords Magazine, Sobotka Literary Magazine, and Twelve Winters Press.

Kayla loves real books, her Classic 12 Smith Corona typewriter, her collection of antique teacups, and her muse/best friend/dog named Tux.

You can find find more of the things that fill her word-infested brain over at her website: or her twitterings @KaylaMKing.


Published in September 2017 by Figroot Press in the Sappho Tribute Issue: For My Lover She is Fair.

The Cake is a lie
A poem published by Dear Damsels in December 2017.

You Might Mistake This For Mythology Instead of Motherhood
A poem published by the Plath Poetry Project in November 2016.

Synecdoche by Sneha Subramanian Kanta

“The tissue of language / with fissures written upon it”

Weaving through narratives of womanhood, growth and nationhood, Sneha Kanta's Synecdoche is both a memory and the remembering, half the rain and half the wide ocean. Gentle and vicious in equal measure, it flows like the strongest of rivers.

Drawing particularly on her own experiences, and that of her family, Synecdoche is a haunting collection, rich with all the warmth of the midday sun.

Publisher — the poetry annals
Release date — march 28th 2018
Pages — 19
Format — ebook (pdf) and paperback


Sneha Subramanian Kanta is a recipient of the GREAT scholarship, and has earned a second postgraduate degree in literature from England. Her poem “At Dusk With The Gods” won the Alfaaz (Kalaage) prize. Her work has been nominated for Bettering American Poetry and the Pushcart Prize (2018). Her work has appeared in Quiddity, Figroot Press, L'Éphémère Review, The Rising Phoenix Review, Ofi Press Mexico, In/Words Magazine, Bombus Press, VIATOR project and elsewhere. Her poem “A Song of Remembrance for Somebody” has been broadcasted on Illinois Public Radio.

She is the founding editor of Parentheses Journal, and the poetry editor for Counterclock Lit. She was the general advisor and poetry editor for her university journal INK (University of Plymouth Press) Postcolonial literature and post-apartheid narratives are her areas of research interests. She loves horses, blue oceans, places not on maps, and autumn.

Find her on Twitter @ParenthesesArt.


A poem published in Issue VII of L'Éphémère Review.

A chapbook published as part of the Ghost City Press 2018 summer chapbook series.

A poem published by Boston Accent Lit.

Blind Horse Elegy by Zoë Brigley

“What if mercy isn’t asked for / and cannot be given?”

With a title taken from the story of Branwen’s horses, but evoking and describing the world beyond legend, Zoë Brigley’s Blind Horse Elegy is a collection that speaks directly to, and of violence.

An extraordinary series of works, Brigley crafts with language precise as glass and imagery that sings sharp through each poem. In Blind Horse Elegy, she takes words and makes them new again; takes memory and makes it myth.

Publisher — the poetry annals
Release date — july 28th 2018
Pages — 13
Format — ebook (pdf)


Zoë Brigley Thompson, originally from Wales, is Assistant Professor at the Ohio State University. She has two poetry collections “The Secret” (2007) and “Conquest” (2012), and her third poetry collection, “Hand & Skull”, will be published in the UK in 2020.

She has published in journals like Chicago Review, Australian Book Review, Copper Nickel, Orion, Poetry Review, PN Review, and The New European.

She is currently editing the “Bloomsbury Guide to Creative Writing in the UK and Ireland”. She edited the volume “Feminism, Literature and Rape Narratives”, and she is writing a study titled “Beyond the Symbolic Rape”.

Find her on her website at and on Twitter @ZoeBrigley.


The Secret
A poetry collection published by Bloodaxe Books in 2007.

The Origin of the World
An essay published by The Manifestation Station in September 2016.

A poetry collection published by Bloodaxe Books in 2012.

Lucid by Kevin A. Risner

“& you tell no one / the path to get to this path”

Blurring the lines between the real and the imagined, Lucid speaks like a dream that follows you into waking. Kevin Risner writes of both connection and disconnection; of distance and intimacy both.

Using language as vivid and striking as a fever, the poems in this collection work in two directions at once — creating and dismantling dreams in the same breath. With each word, Risner invites you to close your eyes, and take a step into the wild and shaking dark.

Publisher — the poetry annals
Release date — june 28th 2018
Pages — 17
Format — ebook (pdf)


Kevin A. Risner is a writing instructor & ESL Coordinator at the Cleveland Institute of Art. His work can be found online in multiple locations including Rise Up Review, Rising Phoenix Review, the murmur house, Noble/Gas Quarterly, The Wire’s Dream, Ghost City Review, The Bookends Review, & elsewhere. His first chapbook — “My Ear is a Sieve” — was published by Bottlecap Press in 2017. He also writes about beer from time to time at Kevin enjoys reading, running, & a nice scotch — but not all at the same time.

Find him on his website at & on Twitter @mr_december.


First Flight
A poem published by the Ghost City Review in February 2018.

December &
Two poems published by The Wire's Dream Magazine in issue #3.

My Ear is a Seive
A chapbook published by Bottlecap Press in October 2017.

to be female is to be interrogated by S. K. Grout

“I pronounce my heart / an open wound that disobeys”

In to be female is to be interrogated, S. K. Grout speaks with a thousands mouths, and tells a thousand stories. From the tender to the fierce, the poems of this collection wind into and around the body like a memory.

Both extolling and examining, deconstructing and dreaming of the female and femininity, Grout weaves a journey with her words as intricate and elaborate as the body itself.

Publisher — the poetry annals
Release date — may 28th 2018
Pages — 19
Format — ebook (pdf)


S. K. Grout grew up in Auckland, New Zealand and has lived in Frankfurt, Germany and Norwich, England. She divides her time, as best she can, between London and Auckland. Her work also appears in Landfall, The Interpreter’s House, L’Éphémère Review and elsewhere. Her poem “Lumb Bank” was highly commended in the 2017 Castleberg International Poetry Prize.

Wanderlust, eco-living, social justice, intersectional feminism, queer love stories and writing remain priorities of her life. These topics fill most of her twittering at @indeskidge. Her other online presence is where she takes note of the poetry of witness and provocation (and pretty things).

Find her on Tumblr @skgroutpoetry and on Twitter @ideskidge.


Running from the Sun
A poem published in The Interpreter's House in Summer 2017.

Wanderlust & the Dissonance of Memory
A poem published in L'Éphémère Review in August 2017.

All These Gifts Given to You [II]
A poem in Landfall, published in Autumn 2017.

before vanishing by jen rouse

“everything crushed beneath me, / every gold decayed to rust”

Filled with both tenderness and fire, Jen Rouse's Before Vanishing is a triumph of vivid language. With vulnerability and poise, she her poetry dances in the space between the going and the gone.

From the plaintive desperation of “Threnody” to the gentle evocation of “A Night in the Country”, this collection is a wonderful tribute to the beauty of lived experience. Rouse writes with language so vivid that you can almost feel its pulse.

Publisher — the poetry annals
Release date — april 28th 2018
Pages — 16
Format — ebook (pdf)


Jen Rouse’s poems have appeared in Poetry, The Inflectionist Review, Midwestern Gothic, the CDC Poetry Project, Sinister Wisdom, Lavender Review, Up the Staircase, Parentheses, Sliver of Stone, and elsewhere. She was named a finalist for the Mississippi Review 2018 Prize Issue and was the winner of the 2017 Gulf Stream Summer Contest Issue. Rouse’s chapbook, “Acid and Tender”, was published in 2016 by Headmistress Press.

Find her at and on Twitter @jrouse.


Avaritia & Audience
Two poems published in Porridge Magazine, April 2018.

Acid and Tender
A finalist for the Charlotte Mew Prize, this chapbook was published by Headmistress Press in 2016.

A poem in Poetry Magazine, published in July 2002.

a long walk by terry abrahams

“what does hunger want”

Characteristic of Terry Abrahams’ overall style, the short poems in a long walk find the extraordinary in the everyday & the human in the landscape.

From animals to bodies & back again, these seven poems chart a journey like a constellation. Like sirens, they call to you to follow, follow. With his writing, Abrahams points the way, then lets you carve a path of your own.

Publisher — the poetry annals
Release date — february 28th 2018
Pages — 12
Format — ebook (pdf)


Terry Abrahams lives and writes quietly in Toronto. His work has appeared in Acta Victoriana, (parenthetical), The Puritan, Peach Mag, many gendered mothers, tenderness, yea and Wildness, among others. His first chapbook, "a wish", was published by Penrose Press in 2018.

Find him on Twitter @trabrahams.


a wish
A minimalist poetry collection in chapbook format that explores the limits of empathy, published by Penrose Press.

explaining thunder to someone who has never heard it
A poem published in Issue Eight of By&By Poetry.

tell me about a time when you were kind
Winner of the Birdwhistle Prize in Poetry 2017, and published in Noble/Gas Quarterly.

wildfire heart by kanika lawton

“you’re a cemetary just like me”

Chronicling the aftermath of a failed relationship, Kanika Lawton’s Wildfire Heart dances through anger and violence and grief. To read these poems is to take a step into the fire, and relish in the red & the burning.

A powerful collection, these eight poems sting like a lover: they know where the bruises are and cut right to the bone. Lawton is a master of linking words to the aching.

Publisher — the poetry annals
Release date — january 28th 2018
Pages — 15
Format — ebook (pdf) and paperback


Kanika Lawton is a writer, poet, and editor from Vancouver, British Columbia. A second-generation Canadian of Cambodian-Chinese and Scottish-Swedish descent, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology with a Minor in Film Studies from the University of British Columbia, where she served as an editor with the UBC Undergraduate Film Student Association.

Kanika has also studied at the University of California, Los Angeles and Université Laval, and is the Founding Editor-in-Chief and Creative Director of L’Éphémère Review. A 2013 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards Gold and Silver Key recipient, 2018 Porkbelly Press Micro Chapbook Series finalist, and 2017 Pushcart Prize nominee, her work has appeared in The Rising Phoenix Review, Rambutan Literary, Ricepaper Magazine, Bombus Press, PUBLIC POOL, and The Ellis Review, among others.

Find her on Twitter @honeyveined and on her website


Hot Mess
A poem published in Vagabond City Lit in August 2017.

Loneliness and Other Ways to Split a Body
A chapbook released as part of the Ghost City Press summer chapbook series, 2018.

Year of the Pig &
Long Beach 1992
Two poems published in Longleaf Review in June 2018.

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